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The Romans CAD 3D / PDM Collaborative Platform - a revolution on your digital development

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

One of the great challenges of footwear teams is the model/collection validation and this challenge is even greater for multinational companies because the internal stakeholders (design offices, production centers, management) are located all over the world and it take time to make decisions.

The Romans CAD (RCS) Digital Platform is built to optimize the product development workflow, providing a full and streamlined solution to footwear companies.RCS 3D-PDM Platform provides you with design solutions from the product development through to production in order to minimize or eliminate the traditional dependency on real-life models and physical prototyping and to reduce inventory waste, and fulfill your sustainability objectives.

All modifications you make in 3D will automatically update the 2D and vice versa, the BOM, the precosting and all types of reports in real time. Your ERP and/or PLM will be updated too. Your 3D assets, lasts, sole, materials, images/data, 3D textures are at one place: 3D files and data are linked to 3D designs and therefore you can edit automatically hundreds of SKU in seconds, from colour palettes. Your material libraries can be enriched directly by internal teams or they can be added by vendor portals like external material libraries.

By leveraging RCS 3D Digital Platform, you not only gain in the product development time frame, but you can quickly explore the potential of new products by publishing on the ecommerce sites and see their impact on the consumers. Product digitization helps you to conduct your business in the most sustainable way possible.

Collaborative work is the only way to perform in your development process and Romans CAD digital platform is the right tool for you.

For more info or if you want to schedule a demo: info@romans-cad.com


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