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cutting software

The cutting room is the heart of the plant. If it cannot deliver the required quantities of cut pieces at the right time, then all the company’s other activities will suffer. The cutting process should be running at maximum productivity at all times in order to achieve its predetermined productivity targets and allow
the greatest level of flexibility.

Romans CAD CUT


Romans CAD Lumière provides the technology for video projection-aided cutting, responding to the needs of the footwear, luggage, furniture manufacturing industries, etc. This is the software solution best suited to ‘open’ cutting machines, such as those provided by the Swiss company SABAL, ZUND or equivalent.


Romans CAD Lumière takes you right through the entire cutting process, from nesting pieces on skins, either in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode, to the final cut. You will have all the necessary parameters, such as quality area, grain line, pattern point, etc, at your fingertips. Your cutter will have the use of a powerful cutting chart. It is updated in real time as you place your pieces.

Thanks to Romans CAD Lumière’s comprehensive repertoire of features developed and fine-tuned through customer feedback, you can enjoy a simple and productive product interface.

Your cutting workshop will be equipped with the most up-to-the-minute technology whatever materials
you are working with, (leather, fabric, cardboard), according to your needs. In Off Line mode it allows
you to work completely independently of your existing cutters.

RCS Lumière


Direct import of pieces from Romans CAD 2D
 or other CAD software.

- Inspection, marking and categorisation
  of skins (3 in 1).

- Fast and efficient placement of items
  in manual or automatic mode.

- Overhead projection of placement directly
  on the cutting table.

- R
omans CAD V14 2023 offers total integration 
  with Sabal (Italy) machines.

Romans CAD Lumière covers 3 main and
complementary features:


- Monitoring and classification of skins
  with defects or markings

- Offline nesting with identification and
  nesting storage

- Online nesting with machine code generation
  and unloading assistance

Romans CAD Lumière is available in several versions depending on your individual needs:

- Lumière Entry

- Lumière

- Lumière Expert

Romans CAD Lumière is fully integrated into Romans CAD DM and provides you with an efficient means of overseeing quality control of skins, placement and cutting.


The nesting chart allows you to receive work orders (WO) and manage your ERP in real time
without having to re-enter data (refereence model, type of material, quantity by size and model, etc.).


Reports are generated automatically (placement, production, pieces, consumption of materials,
pre-costing, etc.).

All data is stored in the Romans CAD DM database and can be subject to any type of statistical analysis.
A number of reports are supplied as standard with R
omans CAD DM.

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