RCS 3D BAG 2020 - V12

The rapidly changing nature of fashion means that manufacturers must constantly move in line with new innovations

Designers must always offer fresh ideas to launch collections which are in step with the latest styles and deadlines imposed by the market. The continuous collection is becoming a strong competitive element for fashion businesses.


With RCS 3D Design, designers can create 3D models that are virtual replicas of real models; they can create perfect combinations of style and functionality, faster than ever and at reduced cost.



RCS Scan Line is a software program created specifically to work alongside the RCS 3D module.

Very easy to use, the program allows users to create a new bag model from a photo or several photos. A hand-drawn design or an image created with Photoshop©™ can be the basis for your 3D design.

The Bag version of RCS Scan Line carries the same features as the shoe version



The benchmark product in virtual 3D bag development

RCS 3D Bag allows you to:


-  Transform your style ideas into reality, creating accurate and scaled 3D digital models

-  The production department can use these 3D models to create its pattern plan for the pieces it needs

-  Reduce the conception/development cycle timescale from several months to a few weeks

-  Optimise repetitions in order to produce more models of better quality and in a shorter time frame

-  Increase productivity, allowing you to be in step with fashion trends and launch your collections earlier

-  Better manage the design and development process resulting in better product visibility



Creating virtual bag collections in 3D has become a high value-added step for brands and luggage manufacturers

The return on investment of such an approach is visible at all levels of the development of a collection; shortening the development loop exponentially increases creative potential


You can test your creations by making 3D prints

Benefits of using RCS 3D Bag:

Improve your subcontractors’ understanding of your designs (phenomenal reduction in the number of iterations made before a prototype is approved).


Your designers’ ideas can be realised in 3D virtual bag models that can be worked on directly (flattened into 2D pieces and made into patterns).


Creating in-house 3D prints of your virtual models will allow the rapid approval of your collections. Approval times will fall from weeks to days.


3D virtual models will become a key tool for your sales and marketing departments. Presenting the latest trends and virtual collections becomes a strategic communications component for your catwalk,your sales to  boutique buyers  and opens up the world of real-time online retailing.

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