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Stratégies develops and markets a digital platform, Romans CAD Software©™, designed for the shoe, leather goods and soft materials industries.

The story began in 1988, when a group of inspired engineers realised that the use of 3D CAD software to initiate, design and develop models try could become an invaluable tool for the fashion industry to streamline product manufacture. So, the Romans CAD project was born and developed in conjunction with luxury French shoe manufacturers.

In 1995, the first 3D software for the creation of shoe lasts was released on to the market, with a comprehensive set of complementary products, such as 2D, SL, Lumière, 3D Sketch, following in subsequent years.

The need to generate, modify, format and edit data associated with models under development (materials, components, tooling) led us to complement the Romans CAD CAD suite with a Romans CAD DM Technical Data Manager (PDM). In order to achieve a high level of productivity, it was decided to integrate
Romans CAD DM into all our CAD modules. A 3D Digital Platform was born.


Our customers, among the most prestigious in the world, quickly implemented Romans CAD DM and rapidly found their productivity increasing by more than 50%.

By helping our customers to get to grips with the Romans CAD digital platform, we have been able to constantly develop it. In 2023, the V14 version integrates eagerly awaited new features: multi-level lifecycle, Colorize Module, Romans CAD Showcase, etc.

To date, more than 1,500 small, medium and large businesses trust us to provide them with the best software solutions for their companies, some of which have CAD and PDM teams numbering several hundred employees.


Romans CAD Software©™ is the digital platform that accompanies the market leaders in their product development.

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