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Legal Information

It is recomended to each user, to read these terms of use and services listed hereafter. Each user who use one
or more services is deemed to have accepted the general and special conditions applicable to such services.

If you do not accept the conditions below, please do not use Romans CAD Software and Facilities Management websites and associated services (as software download).

Website ownership

This site is owned by Stratégies, a French corporation (société anonyme) with a share capital of 630  000 Euros, registered with the Créteil Commercial Register under the number B 331  066  472 - APE 722Z, having its registered office at: Icade Business Park, 56 Rue d'Arcueil / CP 90246/94578 Rungis Cedex;  P: +33 1 41 73 04 80. The responsible editor is M Jean Pierre PEDEBOY, acting as President of the company.


Hosting services

The provider of hosting services is: Courbevoie - France, telephone: +33 1 41 73 04 80.
The term site content means, structure, texts, logos, images animated or not, and sounds that make up the site.
Any total
  or partial reproduction of this site and its contents, by any means whatsoever, without any express permition of Strategies  is prohibited and constitutes an infringement, sanctioned by articles L335 and is followed
by the code of intellectual property.


Permission to reproduce content

To set up a link to the site Romans CAD Software of Stratégies or reproduce content (text, graphics, illustrations, logos in electronic or paper published on the site) send your request by Email to Strategies (see address above).

The Hyperlinks set up as part of this website leading to other resources on the internet network cannot be held the responsible
  of Strategies.

Refusal to provide personal information
To access certain area of the site, you are asked to disclose information to your record. You are free to provide us
or not this information. If you do not, you can still access the most part of our site, but be aware that certain services and / areas will remain inaccessible.


Data collection by Strategies
The provision and use of personal data's contained on the site and / or services are necessary for the processing
of users requests and improving the quality of our software and associated services. These informations are intended for Strategies and will only be used for the need of the object in collection and for any direct marketing operation. Each user may object
  to such use in writing Strategies (see address above) or emailing at the following address: privacy@cadwin.com .

Illegal use of Software strategies
Strategies considers, rightly, software piracy as a crime and it's perpetrators as criminals. We do not tolerate piracy of Strategies software and pursue (civil and criminal) offender while using all legal means available, including public and private surveillance.
In this context, Strategies uses about people using illegal copies of software. If you use an illegal copy of our software, you no longer use illegal version and contact Strategies to obtain a legal copy under license. By using
this software, you consent
  to our collection, use and transfer your personal data's (including USA) for identifying users of illegal copies of our software.

Data entry by children 12 years old or younger
Under the terms of our privacy policy, we felt that an individual must have attained the age of 13 years to enter
their Email address or other information on our websites. We are absolutely committed to respect privacy of children, which is why
  we will not knowingly accept personal information from children without parental consent.

Data  validity of the site
Strategies shall make all commercial reasonable efforts to update the information posted on the Site. However, Strategies
  does not warrant nor represent that any of the information posted on the Site is accurate, up-to-date and / or complete. As a consequence, Strategies shall not be liable in case of damage arising out of or in relation
to the use by any person of the website, notably in case of error in the use of the website, low availability of the
  website due notably to Internet connection problems or presence of viruses through the website.

Trademarks strategies

Novels CAD Software and Cadwin Facilities Management are trademarks of Stratégies. Novels CAD Software and  Cadwin Facilities Management are software suites on which Strategies owns the complete and exclusive intellectual property.
All others trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Use of any Strategies or its subsidiaries trademarks
  is subject  to their express written approval.

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