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The rapidly changing nature of fashion means that manufacturers must constantly move in line with
new innovations.

Designers must always offer fresh ideas to launch collections which are in step with the latest styles
and deadlines imposed by the market.

With Romans CAD 3D Design, designers can create 3D models that are virtual replicas of real models; they can create perfect combinations of style and functionality, faster than ever and at reduced cost.

New interactive flattening and texturing features, specially developed for the soft materials industry,
are now included.

RCS Scan Line


Romans CAD Scan Line is a software program created specifically to work alongside Romans CAD 3D Design

Very easy to use, the program allows users to create a new product from one or several photos of an existing product (up to six), from a sketch of a product or an image created with Photoshop, Illustrator
or equivalent software.


This program allows you to reduce the development time of new products or modify an existing product.

You can use the features of
Romans CAD Scan Line to:


Create style lines

- Create surfaces

- Place accessories


Creating virtual 3D models has become a high value-added step for furniture brands and manufacturers. The return on investment is visible at all stages of the development of your collections.

Shortening development loop times exponentially increases creative potential.

RCS 3D Design

Benefits of using Romans CAD 3D

Improve understanding of your designs by your internal teams and subcontractors. Only one to two iterations maximum are needed to approve a prototype, compared to four or five with a traditional process (2D sketch, flattening, cutting, assembly, etc.).

Your product ideas are directly translated to 3D. These 3D designs can be worked on immediately (2D flattening then pattern-making and grading).

Creating in-house 3D prints of your virtual models will enable faster approval of your collections. Approval times will fall from weeks to days. The secrets of your collection are therefore kept private for as long as possible.


Prototype costs fall by more than 70%.


3D virtual models become key tools used by your sales and marketing departments. Presenting the latest trends and virtual collections becomes a strategic communications tool for your catwalks, sales to butique buyers, and opens up a world of real-time online retailing.

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