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Training staff and students is of crucial importance, a fact recognised by Stratégies, which has forged long-term partnerships with several design and fashion schools and universities. Stratégies has provided its software to these faculties so they can train the next generation of designers and provide them with the essential knowledge and technical skills needed for the workplace.


In order to promote and maintain these partnerships and to boost knowledge sharing, Stratégies has developed training programmes (Schools, Universities and Vocational Training Centres) for all budgets.


RCS enables you to bring remarkable ideas to life in 3D in the shortest time. In order to help you get the best from the software, Stratégies offers a range of training sessions to introduce you to all aspects of 3D design, product engineering and marketing presentation of our virtual collections, particularly tailored to the footwear, luggage and soft furnishings industries.


The courses combine practical training and theory. Participants will learn the digital product development process and how departments such as Marketing, Design and Development can work together to create new products.


Training programmes can be organised at the Stratégies headquarters in France, at a customer’s office or at any of our various local partners’ facilities.


Online training sessions can also be arranged.

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