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New version of the Romans CAD Platform: V14!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The new RCS V14 version enables our customers, companies in the footwear and leather goods sectors, to meet the challenges they currently face today.

RCS V14 offers new product development opportunities in line with the demand and the needs of our customers: cost estimation, level of eco-design, ease of integration into the company's IT architecture (RCSAPI)

Available on Windows 10 / 11, RCS V14 proposes a new UI/UX user interface/ experience, and new themes: light office /dark office and it boosts a new graphical interface (Windows, menu icons).

Over 100 new features and adaptations are available in RCS 3D V14, 128 new features in RCS 2D V14, and over 155 new features in RCSDM V14.

New features in V14 include: the fast creation of leg shaping, improved boot flattening, fast sole creation, lugs creation, photorealistic rendering, export to the metaverse, the new calibration of the integrated cameras, organization of materials/components by variants (RCSDV), the table of materials and components managed at the operational level, etc.

RCS Showcase V14 allows a more transverse publication of your models in BtoB mode.

A real productivity tool, RCS V14 helps our customers to optimize their production costs from the 3D design phase to production and marketing.

The approach proposed by RCS V14: 'Design to Cost' and 'Design to Production' will bring you a rapid return on investment (ROI) and optimized control at any level of the product development level. RCS Team


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