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Romans CAD 2019 – V12 was released!

Strategies launches Romans CAD 2019 - V12, which - in addition to the multiple new features and upgrades - includes two new modules: RCS Colorize and RCS Showcase.

RCS V12 has new tools to speed up your Product Development (3D Design, SKU Colorize, BOM, Pre-costing, etc.) …. All different steps of the product development flow will be accelerated. RCS V12 goes even further, providing more continuity in design work. The result is that all involved actors can work together through the RCS 3D/PDM platform. Decisions are faster, better, more accurate.

Integrating RCS 3D Digital platform in your IT architecture will provide you more benefits in terms of time (less data entries for ERP and PLM) and of the quality of your data.

RCS version 12 is available under Windows 10; More than 100 new features have been made for RCS 2D, 314 new features for RCS 3D and over 127 new functions for Romans CAD Data Management. Also, new image types are considered: as AXF; new life cycle management for references, SKU and Documents.

RCS 3D Colorize speed up your SKU edition.Palettes of colors, materials, and accessories, can be predefined by Brand, Season, gender, etc.RCS Colorize, natively integrated with RCS DM (PDM) will automatically generate your material declination, BOM and Pre-costing. It is an amazing tool for your productivity.

Meanwhile, the new RCS Showcase allows to publish your 3D models for your different departments (marketing, sales, etc..) and give access for your dealers and customers.

The footwear and leather goods industries will be extremely impacted by the productivity generated by the RCS Digital platform.

For more info about RCS Digital Platform please contact us!

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