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3D Product Development Workshop

3D Product Development Workshop Scandinavia House 58 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016

November 13, 2018 | NYC

Not sure how to set up a 3D design and development program? Looking to improve and streamline your current 3D programs? Don’t really understand new software, VR or AR and how you can actually use these new technologies to improve development?

Product Managers, Footwear Designers, Colorists, Brand Managers, Materials and Sourcing Managers, Footwear professionals, and anyone striving to prepare for the future should join us for this two-day workshop with FDRA and Romans CAD. We will dig deep into product development changes and opportunities, helping both large and small brands understand how to set up and better execute digital development to cut costs and obtain faster speed-to-market.

Presenters include Romans CAD and other experts, plus leading brands who have digitized their development and can share best practices.


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