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Strategies is pleased to announce its participation at "The 5th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2020"

Strategies is pleased to announce its participation at The 5th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2020 event held on December 8th-9th in Ho Chi Minh City. The summit is an ideal place to keep up to date with the latest developments in Romans CAD Platform. Jean Marc PEDEBOY - Partner at Strategies, will intervene on December 8th, 2020, with the presentation: What is the Status on Digital Collaboration for Design and Development Between Brands and Factories? Time: 14:05-14:40 (Vietnam Time) / 08:05-08:40am (France Time)

Agenda-The 5th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2
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Some of the topics covered:

1 Why others industries can do it and why the footwear industry is so reluctant to abandon the merchant approach to an industrial approach.

2 A list of problem and how we can solve them ex most of the time even when the brands send a 3D file the factories starts all over

3 Why are the perfect flow to achieve from Fashion to Factories.

4 Who should be involved in the decision process.

5 Adding Sustainability data at the design and development level, could help the decision process. PRO and CONS. For more information please contact us: info@romans-cad.com


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