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RCS API - the integration tool

Integrate RCS Digital Platform with your IT organization: PLM/ERP/EMS

Ensuring data consistency between the 3D/2D digital development and production, avoiding data errors and data redundancy are mandatory for your product development. RCS Digital Platform guarantees you consistent data.

A correct transfer of the data generated during the product development process into your ERP/PLM/EMS, involves costs due to the manual data entries. Currently, for most Brands and Factories the data transfer is done asynchronously (manual operations) and this is time-consuming, costly, and error-prone.

RCS API allows you to integrate RCS 3D/2D/PDM digital platform in your IT environment. Now you can work in synchronous mode, speed up your data flow transfer, reduce your costs and time to market. Your ERP/PLM/EMS have an automatic and synchronized data upload.

The concrete outcomes you can achieve with the RCSAPI are:

- Optimize your data flow processes from product department to marketing, sales, factories, stores, re-sellers, etc.

- What you design is what you transfer in term of technical data. Any design modification generates new data, and all are updated in real-time.

- Zero time wasted with technical product data entry

- Facilitate the customization of your products

- Reduce the development process

- All the people involved in the development and production processes will benefit.

The integration with RCSAPI is easy to realize. Third parties can realize this integration. Like the other RCS CAD and PDM modules, RCSAPI is a living module, under the rules of the maintenance.

*(RCS CAD – PDM are natively integrated, and do not require any customization)

RCS Team


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