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I’ve been modelling in RomansCAD since 2011. Once you familiarise yourself with the layout it’s fairly simple to use and always a pleasure to work with.

As with most other CAD modellers I use a number of different 3D software applications, however I do find RCS the most capable of achieving my desired goals.

It’s perfect for those organic style lines and surfaces, something that can often be challenging when using other programs. RCS allows me to create exceptionally accurate 3D shoe models quickly which can then be 3D printed, converted to 2D patterns / 3D data and sent to Source, rendered into photorealistic images all with the goal of making fast design / sourcing decisions and to support Marketing functions.

RomansCAD constantly develops and evolves the software, always taking on board its users comments and suggestions. As such I am able to continuously develop my own skills, improving the speed, accuracy and realism of my 3D models.

Rasa Vaisvilaite - 3D Designer

Portofolio website

Now, after an initial paper sketch, the shoes is placed into RCS, and then the designer hits “print”. Very quickly the shoe, in all it’s proportions can be held, seen and reviewed.

Rather than wait two to three weeks for a costly prototype to arrive, we now have a full, multicolor prototype in our hands in a day,

We save a lot of time and money both in production and shipping. This more efficient process also enhances the quality of the final shoe, which the consumer receives much earlier in the fashion life cycle.

With sophisticated engineered lasts, digital shoe models and the technology that brings everything together – 3D printing – we’re evolving from the best shoemakers in the world into the best innovators in the world, We can respond to the market faster than ever, and faster than our competitors, allowing us time to experiment with designs we would not normally achieve. These advantages are helping us expand our business into new market segments and territories. We’re on the verge of a revolution of efficiency and approaching the reality of ‘fully engineered’ shoes.

Digital Development Manager

An RCS model can be done to a level
of perfection in hours,
Depending on complexity, 20 min for
ines and curves, refinement can take
10 min to fix as per designers intent (
very long period of decision making)
part extraction can be done in another
20 to 30 min. texturing with stock images, another 20 min. Addition of accessories can take 10 min if rails are used.
Model is perfect here, Move to rendering phase additional 2 min.


Per my example I estimate a simple design can take 1 hour 32 min

 Virtual Innovations Supervisor

With Romans CAD, we are able to approve lasts quicker and then transfer them digitally the same day.
Before, it took up to five days just
o get a last to source, now we can
have plastic lasts with the shoe
factory within 24 hours

Unit and Collaborative Development Manager

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