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Companies in the footwear and leather goods sector know that the move towards digital is not only necessary, but is vital for their businesses today and in the future.

When faced with much more agile digital development processes, choosing not to embrace digital development is ultimately tantamount to mortgaging your business or even consigning it to history.

The need for quick reaction times, the call to present more and more models, the quest to reduce prototyping costs, the ever-growing necessity of eco-design and reducing one’s carbon footprint have become imperatives for your company. 
Moreover, today’s health crisis and its political consequences will have a knock-on effect on your
business and on the way your employees work.

It is time to rethink your development methods and how you work with your subcontractors. Reducing travel and protecting your employees have become social (health) and financial issues.

Digital development affects all stages of the development of your collections. Your subcontractors will receive complete digital technical packs, from the initial idea (Sketch 3D) right up to the total development of models approved via 3D printing. You will considerably reduce your development time and increase the quality of your products, which will reach the market more quickly. 

To meet your digital transformation needs, we have developed the Romans CAD Software©™ digital platform.
The new version, RCS V14, integrates new disruptive technologies that will allow you to obtain ultra-rapid development times, beating your competitors while reducing your costs.

The RCS V14 platform allows you to increase the return on investment of digitalizing your product development, as many of our customers who have already implemented it will testify.

RCS V14 covers all stages of your 3D/2D/PDM development process.

Our sales teams and partners will accompany you in your digital transformation, sharing the success achieved by numerous clients all over the world.

Ask us for a demonstration and you will immediately understand the added value of Romans CAD Software©™.



Jean Pierre PEDEBOY

CEO Stratégies


Romans CAD Software©™ provides the fashion and soft materials industries with all the CAD and PDM modules in a single digital platform.