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Stratégies' Information - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis

Dear customers and partners,  Today everyone across the world lives in the uncertainty due of COVID-19 epidemic. In the last days, the France government have been announced many restrictions and prohibitions and we must apply them because our priority - first and foremost – is the health and welfare of our employees and the continuity of the Strategies service. Starting today (Tuesday March 17, 2020), all of our employees will be work remotely. The whole team can therefore be contacted by email. For everyone's safety, face-to-face meetings are therefore canceled – except the justified situations, or postponed. The videoconferences will be maintained. To ensure continuity of the support service, our teams will contact you in order to find and set up the best collaboration ways. We want to assure you that our teams are at your disposal and will deal with this unprecedented situation. The more we are mobilized and better respect the government instructions, the faster we will find normal working and living ways. Each of us must assume his responsibilities in these challenging times. Please reach out our support team with any additional questions and concerns

Thank you for your confidence. Sincerely, Jean-Pierre PEDEBOY, CEO.


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