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RCS SHOWCASE©™ - The effective connection between the Design Studio, Manufacture and Retail

The missing link to the RCS digital platform -

RCS Showcase is a B to B web app. It’s the link that was missing in the RCS digital platform, exclusively dedicated to the shoes and leather goods industries.

RCS Showcase provides you some essential functions:

· It is a B to B publishing tool that allows you to submit your models/SKU to marketing and sales departments, to factories and retailing.

· It is an SMU* configurator for sales / marketing departments, resellers and store managers, giving them access in real time to the 3D digital collections. They will have the opportunity to create their own exclusive variants (SMU). To reduce the launch time, all SMU BOM data are automatically uploaded to the central RCS platform and it allows the product manager to validate the SMU proposals including prices.

RCS Showcase is a collaborative tool that has been developed to ease the product development and to accelerate the brand to factory to retail process by aligning the product development (design/ engineering) and marketing-commercial processes from prototypes to final products. Any person having access to RCS Showcase – even those located in different corners of the world – will be able to make their own selection of models (PO), to create their own selection of materials and colors to configure as many variants as they want. All these operations are completely interactive. Sales are now on real time. The production centres will have access to the 3D models they will manufacture. They will have access to all the data describing the models: name of the piece, material, colour, texture, etc. The collections can be displayed in “Wall” mode. The shops can offer their consumers to customize the products changing materials & colors, adding logos, names, stickers on the products, which create a customized model (SMU) for the consumer and increases sales margins for the Brands and the resellers.

RCS Showcase is definitively the complement to the RCS digital platform that addresses all B to B partners: brands, marketing, sales, stores, resellers, etc.

A round up of RCS Showcase benefits:

- allows collaborative work between teams/people located anywhere in the world

- displays each 3D model with all associated 3D variants (SKU). You can show all variants with lights and shadow effects and modify the environment around the model, floor, background

- allows anyone to select materials and colors and create their own model variants

- brings added value to your products/collections and cut down manual, time consuming and costly operations.

*SMU (Special Make Up), it’s a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) configured by people outside of the organization: resellers wholesalers, stores, etc.


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