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RCS Product Data Management (RCS PDM) - what to expect from ...

Actualizado: 4 jul 2022

Part 2

How to manage design data like CAD files and other product-related information

Designing shoes and leather goods require digital transformation and specifically a digital twin. Inherited development where silos and manual processes dominate, is not scalable for the complexity and speed of today's competitive market. To set foundations for an expert process, the footwear companies should focus on the entire development process, ensuring that they have a solution for all the stages of the product development. Romans CAD Digital Platform (CAD&PDM) is exactly what they need.

Designers, engineers, marketers, commercials, and the broader organization can be connected through RCS CAD/PDM, which unifies design, analysis, and manufacturing and enables a continuous flow of information that proliferates throughout the development process.

The software modules that make up RCS CAD/PDM are: RCS DV (Document Vault) Implementing RCS DV means equipping your company with a centralized database giving you controlled and collaborative access to the technical data associated with each model: materials, components, sub-assemblies, etc. RCS ME (Engineering) Adoption of RCS ME allows you to generate a wide range of reports and most importantly will facilitate strategic decision-making. We can list the following reports: production BOM by material category and workshop, pieces and tooling lists, collection books, material consumption, model reports, etc. Any changes you make at the design level will automatically update all these reports.

RCS MC (Pre-Costing) RCS MC provides the development department the ability to dynamically calculate a forecast production cost for each model. All the parameters needed to estimate prices are considered: materials, accessories, sub-assemblies, labor, tool depreciation, cost of shipping materials and models, general expenses, fees, and profits. RCS DM automatically generates documents such as bills of materials and pricing lists. Any changes you make at the design level will automatically update the model costs. RCS Colorize Once the prototypes have been validated/approved, you can proceed to the creation of the model variants (SKU). In RCS Colorize you can interactively create an infinite number of SKU.

The visibility offered by RCS DM enables footwear industry players to shorten their time-to-market, simulate innovations, control quality, cut costs, and make the best decisions to guarantee business growth. Romans CAD Platform is here to help. you. For more info: info@romans-cad.com


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