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RCS Product Data Management (RCS PDM) - What to expect from

(part 1)

RCS DM - the spine of your product development process

The footwear and leather goods industries face many challenges these days: an increasingly complex product development process, a constant demand for new collections, and multiple design and production sites spread throughout the world.

Built specifically to meet the requirements of footwear and leather goods companies, RCS DM - a technical data management system natively integrated with the RCS CAD products – gives companies greater flexibility and helps them design innovative, quickly, and efficiently.

The design process supported by RCS Data Management provides you with a significant business value that expands permanently. By implementing RCS DM, you’ll be able to:

- store and control access to CAD files

- manage the Life cycle of the design process

- edit and manage design data’s by project/SKU

- find data you need and share it with others (inside and outside the company)

- control and retrieve information, manage document versions

- reduce inefficiency and wasted time (lost time due to rework and reduced ability to reuse existing designs, etc.)

- have a single source of product data and so, reduce errors

- edit and manage bills of materials (BOM’s)

- edit and manage more than 20 standard reports

- have a realistically estimated cost even before the physical prototype of a new model is made

- provide correct data to manufacturing

- collaborate more broadly with third parties: PLM, ERP, etc.

RCS DM facilitates teamwork and streamlines the development cycles and collection design processes. All parties involved along the design/production chain—decision-makers, designers, retailers, and suppliers, work together and share the same information in real-time, all around the world. The company's entire know-how capital is protected in the form of re-usable data. Even for a small team, RCS DM provides the structure and values that help it better drive design and business performance so that, it can win the CAD design game. Need more info? Please feel free to contact us at any time. e: info@romans-cad.com


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