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Romans CAD Platform – a step forward the footwear sustainability

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

As consumer demand for products with a better environmental and social footprint grows, footwear companies must turn their expertise into this challenge. The strategic challenge of footwear sustainability happens at every stage of the development process: it involves the way the shoes are designed, the way the raw materials are sourced, and the full manufacturing process. The life of footwear starts with the design intent and materializes in a variety of 3D/ 2D files. These files are supported by materials and components that will make up the final product. Any construction detail of a model is linked to the materials and components used (composition details & origin, surfaces consumed, transportation fees, price, supplier, etc.). RCS Platform allows you to create and manage a centralized library of digital materials that you can feed with all the data you want: the type of materials, supplier, origin and traceability, price, and duties, Higgs indexes, sustainability, and recyclability coefficients. Note: Our customers can use materials from multiple sources as we made integration with some external libraries (Swatchbook, Material Exchange, etc.).

The RCS Platform gives you visibility over all developments &manufacture operations and allows you to generate the first BOMs at 3D /2D level. With full access to the material library, designers and downstream teams can generate a wide range of reports (BOM by material category including values as raw material origin and traceability, biodegradability coefficients, surface, price, coefficient of sustainability, coefficient of recycling, etc.). You can set target levels for recyclability coefficients: when the value of recyclability exceeds the target value, a warning is sent, and you can substitute the materials or components used with another one, more friendly.

The RCS Platform is incompatible with silos. The management of traceability - sustainability - recycling indicators implies hard work and a strong collaboration between footwear brands, factories, and material suppliers. RCS Platform can help you reduce the use of materials and components that hurt the environment, and this is only a step towards the long road to sustainability and circularity…

RCS Team


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