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Footwear and Leather Goods: How to improve collaboration in new flexible work organizations?

Footwear and leather goods industries need higher reactivity than ever, creating more collections, reacting to the latest trends, climate conditions, pandemic situations. Reducing cycle time, being more agile in enabling variants or product personalization becomes vital. In parallel, work evolves towards always more flexible organizations split over multiple sites, home offices, freelance partners, outsourced manufacturing.

RCS, the digital collaborative platform for Footwear and Leather Goods

The Romans CAD Software (RCS) platform is a comprehensive product design, engineering and product development platform built around well-structured Data Management (RCS DM).

By digitalizing creation, technical design, and industrialization processes, RCS enables more flexible work, remote/home access, still strengthening people's cooperation and coordination.

Technical data consistency, interoperability, and versioning are ensured all over the stages of the workflow. Data accesses are secured and segregated.

With RCS, the need for physical product prototyping and shipments is highly reduced for faster development. Time-consuming tasks like BoM generation, BoM import to the ERP/PLM, and costing are automated. Variants are generated in a few clicks and shared across stakeholders, photorealistic rendering is ready for communication and even for NFT/metaverse!

More information at www.romans-cad.com or contact us at: info@romans-cad.com


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