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FDRA's Shoe Sustainability Summit

Dernière mise à jour : 10 sept. 2020

FDRA's Shoe Sustainability Summit starts today, August 31th and lasts until Friday, September. 4th where you can view videos featuring top leaders and experts at your own pace.Tuesday, September 1th, Jean-Marc Pedeboy, Partner, Strategies/Romans CAD will speak with:

  • Chris Hillyer, Director of Innovation, DECKERS Brands

  • Nicoline van Enter, Founder, The Footwearists

  • Pete Lankford, Industry Consultant, Design & Sustainability

In the live Webinar with Q&A : “Sustainability at the Start: Trends in sustainable design, development, and the push towards circularity”

Zoom begins at 2:00 pm EST Feel free to register!


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