RCS Data Management

Efficiency and profitability within the shoe, leather goods and furniture industries relies on effective quality control, centralisation and uniqueness
of technical data. Accessible from anywhere on the planet, this secure data monitoring will become a strategic tool for your digital organisation.
Cloud mode is a de facto essential in order to achieve the full potential of  RCS DM.

Built on the most sophisticated materials and accessories database on the market, RCS Data Management provides a variety of functions for PDM professionals. Customised for the host of businesses in which we specialise, RCS DM has proved itself an invaluable tool. Many firms use it to manage workforces numbering several hundred employees.

The main functions of RCS DM are:

  • Secure storage of documents with controlled access (RCS Document Vault)

  • Model configuration from the materials database and accessories (RCS Engineering module)

  • Analysis of model price (RCS Pre-costing) and tooling

  • Access to data and statistics with the RCS Portal

  • Etc.

RCS DM allows client companies to have the very best in technical data management.

  • RCS DM comes ready to use, meaning there are no customisation costs

  • Any changes your Development Centre makes to your program take effect in real time (type, number, surface, material associated with a room, etc ...)

  • It is an essential tool connecting the back office (design consultants) and the front office (purchasing, marketing, sales). It removes any kind of technical data entry requirement from your ERP/PLM IT tools; this means your procedures become safer, much faster, and extremely productive.

  • Report production (BOM Colours, Specifications, Last Definition report, Collection Book, Last Models, Pre-Costing report, etc ..)
    is completely automated.

RCS Data Management becomes the backbone of your collection development. This powerful editing, organisational and technical data analysis tool will help your company optimise its resources, reduce development times and ensure the continuity of data transferred throughout all levels of your IT organisation. Your return on investment is guaranteed.

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PDM Architecture
RCS DM - Document Vault

Secure and streamline your workflow with


RCS Document Vault (RCS DV) allows you to manage and protect all your graphics data (RCS CAD files, external CAD data, Word, Excel, images, etc.) as well as your alphanumeric data, which will be stored in a logical order enabling smoother business workflow.

RCS DV offers complete integration of your document management procedures for your Romans CAD system. Control who has access rights to data in the Document Vault. A mobile version of RCS DV is also available in "Cloud" version

  • Safe and centralised storage of your sensitive documents.

  • Centralised backup of your technical heritage.

  • Secure access to your data from anywhere in the world.

  • Creation of a secure network for sharing technical documents, financial information (model cost) or confidential documents.

  • Available through the RCS website in 2D or 3D formats


RCS MEMD - Engineering

Secures and accelerates your workflow

The components and materials used in the construction of a product can
be categorised and organised. Standardising through identification of components/materials eliminates waste by compiling a detailed list of
all required elements.

Create a “Macro Family” style organisation, with Families and Sub-Families with associated attributes, allowing designers and technicians to search
and quickly select the material, component, required assembly technique with minimal effort. This multi-criteria search capability saves you from
having to recategorise an existing component or material.

It is now possible for a shoe or luggage company technician to track a product’s construction in real time, as it moves through the development process. Product development data can be accessed directly through a specific interface, or through reports (eg BOM, etc.). This multi-level access includes all types of assemblies (lasts, soles, etc.), parts and related documents.


Technical changes can be made more easily. RCS CAD programs carefully analyse technical changes to better assess the impact of these modifications. Once a design is created, it can be approved electronically on another workstation and, after approval, the data are updated automatically.

RCS MEMD (Engineering Module) provides a beautifully synchronised collaborative environment where development team members can work together.
They can access, display, review and produce feedback on products and engineering information. RCS MEMD provides an internal and external check for
a company’s customers and suppliers. Information is shared more quickly, improving coordination and shortening the time taken to market your products.

RCS DM - Pre Costing

Calculating model costs and comparing it to a target price before making samples has become a prerequisite for all design offices.

RCS Pre-Costing satisfies shoe and luggage manufacturers’ needs, accelerating product development, reducing costs and speedily launching collections which match the latest fashion trends, while adhering to a company’s commercial objectives (sales price).

Controlling costs is an ongoing challenge that starts in the design department and continues all the way through the to sample creation stage.


Every element of a model’s cost must be taken into account:

  • Cost of materials and accessories

  • Labour costs (several calculation methods are available)

  • Tooling amortization

  • Overhead costs, royalties, margins

  • Etc.


Manufacturers working with subcontractors around the world need a virtual environment where they can design and develop products collaboratively.
In Cloud mode, you can modify a model and modify costs while carrying out visits to production facilities by accessing your data from central servers.
You do not need to wait until you get back to the office for these changes to take effect, they will be updated in real time from wherever you are.


RCS Data Management makes managing technical modifications easy and allows you to calculate the impact on model costs in real time.

RCS Portal

Your purchases departments need access to your materials database to update it and add new materials/colours, refresh purchase prices and generate usage statistics (dashboards) etc.

Your sales staff must know the material quantities and their type by model in order to calculate import taxes for countries where your collections will be sold.

The RCS portal gives you access to all these functions via the Web. Through the most streamlined user interface possible, you can access your technical data without the need to use any CAD or PLM software.


RCS Data Management offers the best return on investment in Cloud mode. You can access design, development, prototyping and marketing information for your business from anywhere in the world on any hardware interface, such as a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

RCS DM provides members of the product development team with a collaborative environment where they can work together in step with one another.
A place where they can access designs, present ideas, review new concepts and provide feedback on products and manufacturing data.

RCS MEMD provides an internal and external check for a company’s customers and suppliers. This speeds up information sharing, improves coordination
and shortens the time to market for your products.

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