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2D Bag modules

Editing 2D graphics data (parts), working on pattern plans with the highest precision is one of RCS 2D’s outstanding strengths.
The majority of the new RCS 2D Bag features were developed in collaboration with our prestigious luxury luggage clients: 'clamps', 'folds', 'gussets' are just a few examples among many others.


Being compatible with the wide variety of cutting machines on the market is invaluable and provides production plants with a certain independence in terms of machine suppliers. RCS 2D Bag also allows you to prepare the stitching chassis and provides an interface with sewing machines.


RCS 2D Bag brings together all the know-how of a leather goods and accessories manufacturer and, thanks to its unique technological integration, it will allow you to turn development departments into genuine profit centres.

  • Genuine CAD software integrating powerful business functions tested by some of the largest luxury brands

  • Capitalisation on industry know-how, creation of parametric subsets

  • Integration with RCS DM


The ultimate choice for leather goods manufacturers


This is the ultimate choice for leather goods manufacturers. It covers all your needs from the conception stage through to development. It also integrates all pre-cutting nesting preparation functions.

Integrated with RCS DM, RCS Bag XXL is an invaluable tool of your productivity. It includes the automatic generation of your technical files, by combining your graphic data (parts, operations, tools) and alphanumeric (materials, colours, quantities, areas, etc.).
You need no longer hesitate in changing your design, all the CAD and technical data already created will be updated instantly including your cost estimates.

The ability to work with configured and referenced components makes Bag XXL a unique software solution.
It allows you to apply existing elements (eg enchapes, etc.) to new style lines in real time. Say goodbye to this kind of tedious work.
The system also generates multi-level BOM. The system is compatible with a host of interfaces, including exchanging XML files or through web services, meaning we guarantee its compatibility
with your firm’s IT system.

  • Return on investment guaranteed by the capitalisation on your own know-how.

  • Create a new generation of geometries based on your own standards

  • Documents and technical specifications always updated automatically

  • Automatic generation of your BOM and your cost estimates

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