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The last is the story of 'container' and 'contents', of 'footwear'
and 'shoe'. Shoes and lasts have throughout time been subject to the constant whims of fashion. Since time immemorial, designers have explored all manner of classic and eccentric lasts.
Each are preciously guarded, somehow embodying the signature style of each shoe brand. It is this ensemble that allows the manufacturer to combine seduction and comfort regardless of the model, trends and seasons.
In the footwear industry, everything starts with the last.


Almost every aspect of the outline and volume of a shoe is linked to the last. Whether it is the shoe’s style or performance, or lack of any either, this can usually be traced back to the last.


From the last we get the bottom, the sole, the heel and all corresponding tooling. From the body of the last, we get the fitting,
the silhouette, style and pattern lines.

The 3D Last modules
RCS 3D Last
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Offers users a quick way to achieve their lasts in 3D. With more than 200 features, RCS 3D Last offers you the opportunity to make a limitless number of changes, transform and grade lasts, copy and paste the toe, make coordinations, etc.


RCS 3D Last is the 3D software to create your lasts. All changes are made in 3D (xyz) in order to obtain the optimum accuracy.
You can achieve all types of grading (heel coordination, grading the body of the last etc.).

RCS 3D LAST in action
  • Compatible with all 3D digitisers on the market

  • Creation and parametric modification

  • High performance and precision 3D grading

RCS Scan Line

RCS Scan Line is software designed to work with RCS 3D Last. Very easy to use, the program allows users to create a new last from up to six photos, a hand drawing, or an image created in Photoshop or Illustrator, etc.

You can capture and automatically place an image on a 3D last and thus create a new last. This application will allow you to reduce development time of a last or modify an existing last. You therefore allows you to create a very early stage of your artistic development, basic lasts (while you wait for your last-maker to provide you with the final one) onto which you can build your future collections.
You will no longer fall behind.

RCS Scan Line in action

You can use the features of RCS Scan Line to create a new last:

  • Reshape the last structure

  • Modify the bottom

  • Modify the sections

  • etc.

RCS Grade

With its automatic grading features, RCS Grade is a quick and easy to use yet extremely accurate tool.


RCS Grade allows you to:

  • Grade your 3D lasts in line with all existing grading rules (European, American, etc ...)

  • Creating width rules

  • Communicate with all CN machines

RCS Grade in action

Available in Standalone or Enterprise (integrated in RCS DM), RCS 3D Last has everything that a last development center needs.

RCS 3D Last is available in Cloud format for the Enterprise version.

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