RCS  2D modules

The benchmark product for pattern creation and 2D grading

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RCS 2D allows you pick up the flattened designs created with RCS 3D, edit the 2D graphic data (parts), grade the pattern plans in different sizes and widths. Enabling designers to work these patterns with the highest precision regardless of the type of shoe model (sport, city, man, woman, boots) is one of RCS 2D’s outstanding strengths. Boasting more than 250 features tested and validated by our industrial partners, RCS 2D represents a crucial productivity tool for your Engineering Department


Being compatible with the vast variety of cutting machines currently on the market is an invaluable advantage, allowing production plants to use any type
of machine. RCS 2D also allows you to prepare the stitching chassis and provides an interface with sewing machines.


RCS 2D integrates all the shoemaker’s know-how and thanks to the integration of its unique technology, it will allow you to turn development departments
into genuine profit centres.

RCS 2D in action

Whatever your technical requirements and budget, there is something in the RCS 2D range for you:

  • RCS 2D Entry

  • RCS 2D Standard

  • RCS 2D Expert

  • Exceptional geometric quality ensuring excellent quality cutting

  • Capitalise on your expertise by creating and reusing standard patterns (automatic pattern-making; new pattern-making
    in less than 2 minutes).

  • Integrated with RCS DM, RCS 2D is an ideal editing tool for your BOM structure



The benchmark product for calculating costs prior to model production

Working alongside RCS 2D or any other CAD software, RCS SL allows you to calculate your raw material consumption as well as perform length calculations.

RCS SL in action
  • Calculate consumption of materials according to different methods - Small squared, parallelogram - in homogeneous materials or skins

  • Calculate different operation lengths (eg skiving, restacking, stitching). These calculations will also allow you to estimate your labour costs.

  • Integration with RCS DM

  • An integral part of RCS Cloud, RCS SL is a major component of the added value chain generated by the planning offices.

RCS 2D and RCS SL are natively integrated into the PDM-RCS DM system. They achieve their full potential in Cloud mode.
The Cloud setting enables you to work on 2D patterns remotely, opening up greater working potential to sub-contractors, freelancers, off-site factory staff,
and allowing you to calculate raw material consumption in your European or American offices. This makes it easier to control your per-model cost objectives
without exchanging data via insecure spreadsheets such as Excel, and without tracking changes.
Your data becomes unique, reliable and can be shared in real time.

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